Dry Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

You can’t toss your best suit in the washing machine or trust your comforter to air-dry in the backyard! For formal attire, delicates, large items and specialty cleaning, Esteem Dry Cleaners is here to help. We offer complete dry cleaning services to Houston, TX customers, with the capabilities to handle any item and any material, giving it back to you in pristine condition. We do all our cleaning in-house and thoroughly inspect every garment before we give it back to you, to ensure a job well done.

In addition to dry cleaning for all your everyday wear, formal attire and delicate items, we also offer professional cleaning in the following capacities:
Suede and leather

Suede and leather

We treat suede and leather with the care they deserve, to keep these luxury materials looking their best.
We can clean stains and recondition materials for a like-new level of clean.

Sheets and blankets

Sheets and blankets

Your washer and dryer aren’t big enough to tackle comforters, large blankets and other drapery. Bring these items to us for thorough cleaning that leaves them looking and feeling fresh.

Wedding gowns

Wedding gowns

Your wedding gown is the most important garment you’ll ever buy. We treat it right, gently steam cleaning it to absolve it of any dirt or blemishes it might’ve collected on the big day.

Same-day cleaning

Same-day cleaning

Looking for a same-day dry cleaner in Houston, TX? We can get your garments back to you same-day, before 9pm on most days! We won’t make you wait for your suit, dress, formalwear or other garments.

We can properly clean any material or fabric, and take pride in giving you back garments that are spotless.
Call ahead or bring us your items and we’ll do what it takes to get them clean.


With time and wear come damages to your favorite articles of clothing. We can mend them! We fix buttons and zippers, as well as stitching for rips and tears, along with patchwork and general alterations. We make sure the fit and form are great, so you can get more life out of your garments.

  • Button fixes
  • Hemming
  • Patchwork
  • Sewing
  • Suit alteration
  • Tapering
  • Zipper fixes

Treat Your Wardrobe Right

Don’t trust your most important garments to anyone other than the very best, most experienced cleaners. Esteem Dry Cleaners is ready to provide trusted cleaning services to Houston, TX customers, including same-day cleaning. Stop by today or reach us at 713-977-1095 for more information about pricing and turnaround times.